March 2012

Austin to See Rush of Jobs as Apple Comes to Town

Apple has announced plans to come into the Austin area. According to the company's reports, the company plans to invest $304 million into building a new campus in the city. In doing so, it will also double the size of its current workforce in the city of Austin. This comes as the state offers a $21 million incentive in the hopes of attracting more high tech companies to the area.

What This Means for Austin Job Seekers

What Does Higher Gas Price Mean for Austin Jobs?

With the price of gas on the rise, many consumers are feeling the pinch. In this election year, both the GOP and the President are talking about what the increase in gas prices really means to not only the country as a whole, but to the very fragile economy that is dependent on the building of new jobs. For many companies, the increase in gas prices means big trouble - everything from supplies to the cost of operating equipment costs more. That pushes companies, already struggling to maintain profit margins to find other ways to trim their costs. As a result, that pushes companies to lay off workers. For those in Austin looking for a job, the thought of losing more opportunities just does not sit right.