December 2011

Austin Job Market - What Could a Health Housing Market Mean?

According to some reports, the Austin housing market may be improving. What would this mean to the job market in the city? Finding a job in Austin can be difficult to do, there is no doubt. However, there could be good news in the report that indicates that the market is in fact moving forward. An improvement in the housing market indicates that it is possible that other elements of the economy are improving as well. 

One of the most important factors for a recovery in the Austin area will be job creation. With good jobs comes the ability to purchase homes. So, with the increase in the housing market right now, this could indicate that families are doing better. The housing market in 2011 was a missed bag, though. Home construction is down by 60 percent from the area's peak which occurred in 2006. But, home prices are on the rebound, which indicates sales are picking up and demand is in the market again.

Austin Job Market: The Big Question Gets Answered Next Month


Reports indicate that the Austin job market has seen a significant improvement in the number of people who lack a position. The unemployment levels here are lower but the question is why. There are a number of new positions open from some of the top firms and companies in the city. That is promising news. The question people want an answer to, though, is whether the job increases will stick around after the holiday season.

New Report Indicates Austin Job Market Is One of Best Performing

According to the Milken Institute, the Austin metro area is one of the five top performing metro areas in the entire country. The report indicates that the city is fourth when it comes to the best overall performing cities. The city held the number two slot last year.

The report indicates that Austin had the country's 3rd fastest job growth rate between 2005 and 2010. In other words, the area gained the most jobs based on similar cities throughout the nation. Where are the Austin jobs?

Austin Retail Jobs Up

The Austin retail market could still be doing well, some experts say. Retail jobs in the Austin job market make up a significant chunk of the payroll here. In many ways, this market is one of the largest in the economic area. However, there has been a lot of controversy over whether this holiday season has brought about new jobs and whether those jobs will last. For those in the area looking for new employment options, it is clear that the need is real.